General & Family Dentistry

As a general dentist, Dr. Nadine Ferbinteanu is the primary provider for your family’s basic dental care. We realize that everyone is at different stages with their oral health. If your teeth are healthy, we’ll help you keep them that way. However, if you have a major dental issue, we’ll develop a treatment plan to get your oral health back on track.

What Dental Services Does a General Dentist in Orlando Offer?

General dentistry in Orlando includes all the diagnostic, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatments your family requires to maintain optimal oral health and a beautiful smile:

  • Cleanings & exams
  • Digital x-rays
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Root canals
  • Extractions

We believe that when you are an informed patient, you can better understand your own needs and make confident decisions about your care. For this reason, we take the time to answer your questions and educate you about areas of your oral health that concern you and your well-being.

What Happens During a Routine Dental Visit?

The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist every six months for preventive cleanings and exams. However, your needs are unique, and we can only determine the frequency of visits that best suits your needs after we perform a thorough evaluation.

During your routine visits, Dr. Ferbinteanu performs a comprehensive exam to note the condition of your teeth, jaw joint, and gums and any changes since your last visit. In addition, we take x-rays as needed to monitor ongoing conditions and diagnose new problems. We also care about your general health and well-being, so every exam includes an oral cancer screening.

Plaque and tartar that sits on your teeth lead to cavities and gum disease, so your dental hygienist performs a thorough cleaning to remove them. These appointments are also perfect for asking questions about your oral hygiene, and your hygienist will be happy to provide tips to help you get the most out of your routine.

How Do I Know if I Have Gum Disease?

Gum disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that as many as 47 percent of US adults over 30 have mild, moderate, or advanced gum disease. For those over age 65, the number jumps to 70 percent.

Common symptoms to look for are:

  • Inflamed, swollen, or tender gums
  • Bleeding gums when you brush
  • Gum recession
  • Persistent (bad breath)
  • Loose teeth

Your hygienist identifies gum disease by measuring the pockets between your teeth and gums. If your gums are healthy, pocket depth typically measures less than 3 millimeters (mm). Conversely, pockets deeper than 3mm indicate the presence of gum disease that requires treatment.

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